Our Values
We have a great culture at Yeo Valley and we’ve agreed a set of values that will help us to strengthen and shape it into the future:

1. Together

As a family owned business, we’re built on unity and a sense of togetherness. We value diversity, the power of strong teams and actively collaborating.

2. Ambitious

We strive to consistently perform to the best of our ability. We are proud of what we do and determined to succeed. We are ambitious and committed to achieving measurable results in the right way.

3. Distinctive

We want to create a strong company culture and unique consumer brand experience. We want our people to go about their work with commitment, energy, creativity and a sense of humour.

4. Trusted

We believe people’s trust is earned by consistently keeping our promises. This drives us all to work in open, honest and accountable ways. It also means we strive to create authentic products or experiences of consistently good quality and value.