Meet Dave Snook, distribution manager…
Meet Dave Snook, distribution manager…

I started my life at Yeo Valley nearly 23 years ago, cleaning milk churns! My job is very different these days with the varied role I now do, there’s no such thing as an average day for me! A big part of my role is to link our dairies with the distribution centre and then link our distribution with the retailers. I enjoy liaising with the retailers that we work with although it’s very difficult to satisfy everybody! I can be managing 110 vehicles at any given time but I enjoy the challenge!

Here in distribution, we are the last link in the chain. We have a genuine part to play in the field to fork journey – if we get it wrong then it could mean that everyone’s hard work is wasted! We always have to think about this journey and the company as a whole rather than just our immediate teams. I think it’s so important.

We should always be evaluating our ways of working and I recently spent some time working nights at our dairies, mainly looking at packaging deliveries to see what we’re doing right and what improvements can be made.

I worked on a project implementing double deck trailers, taking each truck load of pallets from being made up of 26 pallets to 52 pallets. I’m really pleased we completed this as it means less vehicles on the road which is better for the environment and for the local community.

When I’m not at work I run, cycle, swim, ski – anything that’s gets me moving really! I often run in the mountains with my dog and have done ultra-marathons before, and this actually helps me with my other hobby which is landscape photography. I also love travelling and I coach rugby too. My daughter has followed in my footsteps and is currently one of the only qualified female junior rugby coaches in the country. My son is more technically minded and loves planes. They are polar opposites but that’s what makes family life interesting!

The thing that surprised me most about Yeo Valley is probably the passionate people that work here. Everybody wants to do a good job, they are keen and interested and want the company to do well.

Working here has given me a greater understanding of what organic means. If I didn’t work at Yeo Valley, I guess I’d love to own my own company, teaching outdoor pursuits and taking people on hikes, but to know that I’m working towards making the most amazing products makes me proud to work here and be a part of it!